Mission Statement
To deliver reliable, consistent, affordable, highly valued and quality events with a special difference.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to explore, improve, innovate and expand in all events aspects for the benefits of our customers' interests.

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About us


Our Profile

How We Came About

Established in 2002, A LUCAS EVENTS strive to bring forth a new era of creativity, energy and exclusivity to all our clients for their entertainment needs. We provide an adaptation of local and overseas ideas from US (Las Vegas), United Kingdom, Taiwan & Hong Kong for a high taste of international state of art entertainment value. In 2015, A LUCAS EVENTS is awarded the Singapore Golden Award.

Maguire Jian Zhao En is a multi-talented artiste that many customers and audiences recognise. A LUCAS EVENTS have been offering consultancy for various events. He entered the entertainment industry in 1991 and became one of the top Michael Jackson impersonators. As an entertainer, he is a man of great passion, armed with a strong command of vocal technique and the experience of entertaining people over broadcast. After his numerous experiences from his acting career in Mediacorp and directing roles from other events & commercials, Maguire decides to transfer his knowledge to conduct live stage shows.

How Our Founder Came About

Armed with a wide range of expertise, resources, manpower and capacity to plan and design any shows and events, A LUCAS EVENTS was born to serve and bring forth knowledge and ideas since 1990. We are proud to acknowledge that our clientele base has grown significantly, year after year. The company soar to new heights in the millennium year with an expansion to 21 full time entertainers & staff members as of today. We are ready to take on greater challenges in the entertainment industry.

Our Attitude & Passion

In A LUCAS EVENTS, we listen to our customers' needs & special requirements so that we can provide the best of entertainment beyond our customers' expectations. We believe that only through our customers' feedback and opportunities given, we can grow to become a better service provider for our customers.

We are committed to our customers and have gained significant reputation since our founding years. In the nutshell, from the creative conceptualization to the sophisticated execution of the event, we seek to take away this entire time-consuming task and hassle which you faced and give you a one –stop solution for your events.

Our Values


You can always count on us.


We deliver what we promise.


Value for money with high quality products.



We are reliable, sincere and trustworthy in all business dealings.


We brainstorm on new ideas to produce all events with a special difference.


We take pride in all events entrusted to us. We love the feeling of great achievement for a job well done.

What The Director Say


Do you agree that life would be boring without fun & entertainment?

Can you imagine a life without laughter and colour?

Well that was my life.

I appreciate my life so much in entertaining people that I decided to go up-close and personal to the people around me. That was the very reason I founded A Lucas Events in 2003, and it's still the same reason that kept it alive till today. Before venturing on, I was just a freelance Emcee for over 12 years since 1990 and realising that I could, and should, contribute more to the society.

Why get so up-close with the people around me? Well, since young as an orphan, being alone with no sibling or relative, my life was never colourful or meaningful. Being the least appreciated, I've decided to entertain the people around me even as a kid. Life is really unpredictable and I truly enjoy sharing and putting a smile on everyone's face around me.

Life can be tough and smooth at times but it's the tough parts that show how you can climb back up from a fall.

I've seen many UPS & DOWNS in my life, and so did A Lucas Events.

We persisted on through the global epidemic SARS crisis in 2003 when A Lucas Events was founded; only to carry on the fight during the global market crisis, the bird flu crisis and the Lehman Brothers global downturn in 2008 that took the whole world by storm. WE NEVER GIVE UP. Honestly everything in life has a revolution that get things going round and round; it's how we inject creation and adaptation that let us learn how to involve, evolve and revolve in life in full wholesome balance.

Being an actor, entertainer or show host was never enough for me, as we face the everyday challenges and meeting people from all walks of lives. We learn through thoughts, trends, creativities, styles and everything that kept me motivated and going full stride to push what we can achieve in A Lucas Events.

I always believe that starting a relationship is easy but maintaining one is not; the same principle applies to our businesses today.

Indeed, as the Founder of A Lucas Events; I'm no one without our awesome clients. On behalf of A Lucas Events, we are truly very grateful, honoured, blessed and overwhelmed to have our clients who believed in us, making us their preferred choice for event planning and showed us their continuous support over all these years.

Our services to our clients are always of the highest dedication and top quality in terms of programming, artistes, synopsis, planning, etc, because we always believing in giving our clients nothing but the BEST.

We, in A Lucas Events promise to only strive harder for our clients in the future to come. We will offer nothing but utmost positive ongoing attitude in all aspects on our consultancy, creativity and thus making your events the most successful and talked about in town.

Everything is IMPOSSIBLE if you THINK it's HARD; Everything can be done with the RIGHT ATTITUDE.

So let's move on together for better years.

Maguire Jian
Founder, Director of A Lucas Events


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Blk 801 French Road
#02-49 Singapore 200801

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Founder / Celebrity Emcee

Maguire Jian Zhao En


Legal & Operations Director

Marcus Ang


International Coach / Trainer

Maguire Jian Zhao En


Artistes Booking Director

Lucas Chow Yan Kit


Director of Sales

Shawn Wang


MARCOM Visionary Officer

Jessica Ong


Clients' Records Manager

Ada Chan



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